Go the fuck away damn it!

So Sean and I did some shifting around.  It was hard for me to sleep at night with him typing away right next to my side of the bed, and since it’s been proven to us that we’ll be here for the long haul, we decided it was time to switch things around. Now, originally I was across the hall in the spare room so that Sean and I could have separate office spaces and I wasn’t smack-dab in the middle of the living room. I know Karen wasn’t overly thrilled with my leaving the living room ’cause she likes having the company out there – but I found myself being more distracted by the TV than I should be and that puts a damper on making as much money as humanly possible to shut Sean up about how “We’re Broke” when we aren’t.

Originally, my moving to the other room worked out fine – but I’m not getting a decent nights sleep to save my self from a nervous breakdown and it was time to switch things up.  So yesterday I put work aside (it was Sunday afterall) and after Sean got the shelves up in my office (cause he’s incapable of doing anything without fricken shelves above him for some reason), the switch began.  His desk/computers/crap went into the other room, and I reorganized the bedroom. Shifting the bed around to the other wall showed how much room we actually HAVE in here and then sticking my desk in the far corner (by the window – YAY WINDOW SEATS!) showed that there’s still quite a bit of room left to move around.  I had the bed centered on the wall so that it was easier to get in and out of bed on his side, and easier for me to actually MAKE the bed.  When it comes to having a king-sized bed pushed up to wall, it also comes with the inability to properly fit a sheet down on the side without having to leap across to that side. #1, my back hurts too damn much to do that #2, my fat ass is not going to leap over something that shouldn’t be that way anyway. Sean comes in the room and pushed the bed back to the wall cause he doesn’t like narrow areas. Yea, ok the area by the door was a little narrow but I’m not done rearranging the room.  The TV stand and bookcase are going to be switched.  The bookcase is half the thickness of the TV stand, and by the time you even realize there’s a TV stand in the way there’s loads of clearance at the foot of the bed so the problems solved.

You would think that I’d feel a little more “zen” about this whole experience because my coming in here was supposed to be more peaceful but I still can’t escape anything.  The dogs been driving me crazy today because she, for some unknown reason, needed to be taken on super long walks like 4 times today, which is not normal for her. She’s not even sick, she’s just in the mood to run. I understand that she’s cooped up in the house all day, don’t get me wrong, but when you’ve got a pain in the ass hovering over you to make sure that you’re actually putting in X amount of hours a day – and someone who questions why (at this point in the day) you didn’t get as much done as you should have – I just want to start flinging dog poop at people.

I’m just in a mood, and it’s the “I’m gonna start swingin” kind of mood, to the point I’m hoping someone starts some kind of shit with me just so I can knock them the fuck out.

I really, REALLY need to invest in a fucking punching bag.


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  • I know what you mean about the whole sleep thing – I need to sleep on my own and have time that’s not interrupted by humans or animals or I go insane. Definitely get the punch bag!!!!

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    1. Jenni 14th November 2012 at 5:31 pm -

      I know what you mean about the whole sleep thing – I need to sleep on my own and have time that’s not interrupted by humans or animals or I go insane. Definitely get the punch bag!!!!