Can’t handle it anymore.

Last year I picked up a cheap office chair, well it was expensive but it was cheaply made and it’s caused nothing but problems. I think the only chair that’s ever been super comfortable for me was a discount chair that I picked up from a local store, it only cost me $40 and it lasted 4 years and never leaned. The problem I’m having now is my $200 chair is leaning terribly to the left and it’s completely throwing off my back. I don’t know why considering it was very rarely used after it was purchased. My back was so bad that I wound up working from bed anyway. So figure 2 months of the chair just sitting there really shouldn’t have caused it to lean as badly as it is.

So fast-forward to six months later and it being moved from NY to DE – it’s worse than it was! Maybe the excessive bumps along the NJ Turnpike completely did it in, who knows. I just know that I’ve got myself set up in the kitchen just so I can sit up properly for excessive amounts of time without having to worry about my back killing me from sitting in front of Photoshop & Dreamweaver all day long.

So I decided to take a break and see if I could pick up a new chair somewhere. I don’t want to pay a high price for something that’s just going to break, so of course I’m leaning more towards a discount chair just to save a little money. Low and behold I came across, and of course I found Sean’s old $300 chair for $180 on this site so that got me to look through things a little more and it’s safe to say I’m going to have to continue looking through their site until I can find a new one for myself. Something tells me with the way things have been going I’ll probably be purchasing one by the end of the month anyway. I’m sure there’s quite a few of you having the same problem, we know that when you pick one up from some office retail store there’s always going to be some major design flaw with it, you can see products here to find the one that’s right for you.

They could be 100% on the ball here, after picking up a new chair I might refer to them as Hero’s by default.


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