My gut instinct was right…

iceblastSo I just got off the phone with my service manager, he said that there have been some issues with two of the servers overheating and he wound up having to pull out the new dry ice machine in order to get things back up and running. I actually had a good two hour long conversation about how this is beneficial to the longevity of the server and all that jazz. Basically, the newbie in the building had no idea on what he was doing and let a few of the servers go untouched for awhile and since they weren’t properly being maintained, I personally almost had $5,000 worth of clients with no websites because of hardware failure from overheating. Yes, everything is backed up but even the back-up was looking a little grimy so John decided it was time to let the lil weenie go. Peace out weenie!

He got everything all nicely cleaned up so everything is now back up and running and I’m surfing the internet to figure out why exactly this dry ice stuff makes a difference, I always assumed it had something to do with dust buildup, in which case it made sense to have a few areas with air condensers, but this is supposedly the more beneficial solution. Google brought me over to who has a fairly decent sized site informing everyone of the pros of utilizing ice blasting. I honestly thought it would wind up being too harsh on the system due to excess build up of water but it’s more of a ‘vapor’ effect so I don’t have to worry about something carrying over, and cleans just as effectively as someone going in there with some horrible chemical that will corrode the systems over time. You can view a little more information on them if you click here.

For now, I’m happy that things are back on track and clients don’t have to worry about any downtime. I’m just annoyed that it even got to that point. I’m going to have to think long and hard about allowing newbies anywhere near my systems. I’d lose way too much money every month if I didn’t have the right ducks in a row to keep everything up and running as smoothly as it is.


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