This is just killin’ me…

I unfortunately needed to put the Little Boy back outside. While he is generally a really good cat, he’s also an animal that’s spent the last two years on the street and wouldn’t adjust very well to permanent indoor life.  A certain time of night he would be itching to go outside, and then he wound up lashing out by attacking Bella and Meow-Meow.  Typically I wouldn’t care about the playful aspect of his personality, but when it goes from playing to claws, and his eyes completely change. We all decided it would be best to keep him as an outdoor animal to ensure that he’s getting the frisky side of him taken care of in his usual environment, and then also making sure he has a proper place to relax.

So the bench outside has a nice warm blanket on it, and he’s got a little feeding station.  He doesn’t stray far from the house, and it’s kind of funny to watch him follow Bella and I whenever I take her out for a walk.  Usually he’ll get to a certain point where he stops following, but this morning he completely went around two blocks with me and her, and even used the bathroom when he needed to.  Not many people can say that they can walk their cat and dog at the same time, so it’s nice to be unique once in a while lol.

Work has been hectic, I’m working on 6 different sites at once and of course they’re all due at the same freaking time.  There are projects that I’ve had to leave pending because I just don’t have the time to transfer over to them and no matter how many times I post something on Twitter/Facebook/Freelancer I can’t freaking find anyone who knows what they’re doing in order to help me out.

I need someone who understands proper HTML5/CSS3 compliance, who also has some type of a jQuery backend. Even if they don’t write it themselves, they need to know how to work with existing scripts (which I can actually provide to them anyway).  From there, that same person would need to know how to code for WordPress.  Anyone can turn any theme into a WordPress theme, but I need someone who understands that you need to have EVERYTHING inside of WordPress as clients are not to touch the actual .php files themselves.  So the use of Widgets and Advanced Custom Fields (primarily the repeater fields) are required as well.

Now, while that may not seem like very much – you’d be surprised at how hard it is for me to find someone capable of handling the load.  It’s driving me absolutely crazy.  I don’t understand how there seems to be NO ONE around who can do it.

Help? 🙁


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