Possibly looking up…

So I got a phone call from the realtor today.  She noted that she had absolutely no idea that 21st Mortgage had blacklisted ELS properties.  She was furious, she’d been recommending this company to just about everyone for the past few years.  She threw out their business cards, and gave a few other companies a call for us.  One of them, First Credit Corp, has no bad dealings with ELS and she spoke to one of the main reps, he said that based on the situation he would do everything he possibly could to get us into this house by the initial closing date of November 22nd.

After Sean spoke with him, and I spoke with the realtor about a few things, we went ahead and submitted our application and forwarded over every bit of tax/income information that they could possibly need from us just to get the ball rolling and get everything taken care of as soon as possible, this way no matter what actually happens there is no ‘waiting’ period on our end.  The broker advised us that he will be able to get us a definite YES or NO by tomorrow afternoon.  So we’re back to the waiting game, but at least this time we’re dealing with a company who can actually handle the loan.

I’m still super pissed off at the previous company, but at the same time the broker AND his boss had no idea that this situation was even going on.  I know the realtor was very apologetic, and even the broker knows damn well that his company screwed up on this one, being as all of our information checks out.  I just don’t like being told “We’ll give you whatever money you need to get into a house, and I’ll even fast track any changes to address, but you can’t buy this one”.  It upsets me, and while I know this isn’t our dream home and we’re probably better off looking for something on our own land instead of a co-op/leased land, but that still doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to take the plunge and just get into our own place.

After talking to the realtor today, I wasn’t surprised to hear that even the owner of the home was pissed off too.  I really believe it’s the reason why so many homes are remaining at the “For Sale” status around here, six complexes in this area are ELS properties, and they seem to be the only ones around here that actually have good looking houses for sale. Everything else that I’ve looked at, outside of ELS but in the Rehoboth area were older homes that required a lot of work and time that Sean and I just don’t have.  On average it’s 70 hour weeks, there’s no way in hell we could factor in household maintenance on top of that.

So we’ll see what happens, hopefully tomorrow will wind up being really good news for us.  At this point we’re gonna basically say that if it doesn’t work out – we’re not going to bother to pursue it.  I really hope that isn’t the case, I really want this damn house.


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