Figured it would go that way…

As predicted, yesterday was a crap shoot.  While the house itself was primarily empty, there were still a few bits and pieces that needed to be removed. It was fine, but they had two freaking weeks to do it – what was the hold up?  The house itself is FILTHY, I don’t know how much bleach it’s going to take me to get it clean, but I’m fairly confident that I’m going to need to waste the money on Stanley steamer, the owners didn’t even care enough to attempt to pick up the dog piss all over the carpets.  I can’t afford to have the floors redone right now so I’m gonna have to have them steam cleaned twice just to make me even remotely comfortable with walking around the house.  I’m pretty convinced I’ll be wearing sneakers 24/7 until the carpeting is replaced.  My concern initially is to just get the house scrubbed down so we can start moving our stuff in.

As for the termites? While the inspector said that there’s no evidence of ACTIVE termites, there’s no evidence that anything was treated for the one trail that was found. So what does this mean? Since they saw it they have to treat it and since that was the only freaking company we could get to come out yesterday, we’re now stuck spending $1800 to get the house treated since we had absolutely no time to shop around for a lower number that would both treat the house and satisfy the bank that everything was taken care of. I felt like we were put on the spot last minute and of course the owner of the house didn’t help because she’s a CUNT with a mouth. It came very close to her being a CUNT with no teeth in her mouth with her freaking attitude problem.  I don’t use that term very often, but there are people in this world who are deserving of the title and if you ever met her you’d agree.  She overheard the last part of a conversation about how it would take three hours to treat the house, convinced herself that it would be happening right then and there and started shooting her mouth off.  She also made it very freaking clear that if we couldn’t have the house completely treated by noon today then we’d be breaking contract and they’d put the house back on the market and we don’t get our money.

#1 – Shut the fuck up.  #2 – You’ll have the lawsuit of the century because it’s not US holding up your precious transaction to pay off the brand new car you’ve got sitting in the driveway, it’s the bank.

I’ve never, in my freaking life, wanted to beat the living shit out of a pregnant woman but if I didn’t walk away when I did, it was going to happen. I don’t give a shit that you’re hormonal, your fucking house THAT I DONT EVEN OWN YET has already cost me almost $3,000 so kiss my fucking ass.

If they decide to pull ANY shit today and something happens they’re going to court. It was not my responsibility to treat your house for termites, and it sure as shit wasn’t my responsibility to hand you a full list of everything WRONG with the house so your DICKWAD of a husband can half-ass fix it to put it back on the market.

Her bi-polar disorder clicked in at one point and after she was done fake crying on the steps she looked up at Sean and I and was like “This hasn’t been easy on you, has it?” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? YOUR FUCKED UP REDNECK FAMILY IS THE REASON THIS HAS BEEN A COMPLETE SHIT SHOW!  I’m trying my hardest to not flip my lid and keep myself calm until 4pm this afternoon, that’s when we’re closing. I’ll keep my fucking mouth shut for the hour it needs to be shut for and if ANY of these fucking people say two words to me I’ll explode. The keys will be in MY hand, they’ll have their check – either fuck off or fucking try me…. I dare you.


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