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Now that I'm a homeowner, I've been trying to come up with ways to not only decrease my monthly outflow of cash, but increase my green footprint through proper recycling and being even more mindful than before as to what I'm putting down the drain to avoid any bad clog-ups in the house. Primarily due to the fact that it's hard to afford a plumber with a mortgage when things pop up out of no where.

So, I've been doing some reading on how to slowly bring myself into the Green realm of life.  By default the first thing I looked into was solar panels, I feel that the electric companies charge way too much for their services, especially when you have the new luxury of Google technology being hooked through your thermostat helping you out in the house to tell you exactly where your energy consumption is, have I purchased this particular technology yet – no – but reading into it does give me some insight on where to get things started. The other thing that kills me is if you're someone who has a wind turbine or solar panels on your property and the electric company winds up paying you because you have so much energy saved up and can give them extra energy to use for other homes/businesses, even though they aren't giving any of their other customers a break. So that's just bad business to me.

The second thing I've looked into are more environmentally friendly vehicles, I think anything running on battery is beneficial to decrease the carbon footprint. There was one thing that concerned me though… what do you do when the battery runs out when there's no Gas to back things up? That brought me to a company called Ace Parking.  Scott Jones, Ace Parking, is a company that's looking to enhance the "Go Green" efforts by installing Solar Charging Stations and electric vehicle charging stations in parking lots.

Now, all my readers would know that I recently purchased my home in Delaware – however I was born and raised on Long Island (NY). Spending quite a bit of time in and out of Manhattan, I have, somewhat recently, seen an increase in "Green Charging" stations. Am I aware of the company responsible? No. BUT I did think that they were a pretty cool way of making sure anyone with an Electronic Vehicle (EV) wasn't stranded in Manhattan due to a dead battery. I did, however, find it concerning that the ones I've seen weren't actually solar powered, they were working from the same power source as every other light on the block – the local power company.  What makes Scott Jones, Ace Parking different, from anything I've personally seen is the introduction of Solar technology in order to power the charging station. 

As of right now I'm only able to locate a list of their parking stations in California, specificially the San Diego area. It's my hope that sometime in the near future they're able to carry the technology Nationwide to increase Green awareness, and give those potentially stranded EV's a fighting chance.

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