About Her

In 18+ years of owning a website, the one most important bit of information that I can pass on to you is as follows: No one really reads these things.

If you’re still interested, here’s a few quick facts about me:

  1. I’m 30-something :shrugs: born Oct ’84.
  2. I’m female, if you couldn’t already tell that by my name.
  3. I live in Southern Delaware, even though I was born and raised in New York
  4. I have a fiance, his name is Sean and he owns lepslair.com and we’ve been together since July ’06.
  5. I work from home, I own AGn Designs and AGn Solutions, and work for numerous contracts all over the world.
  6. I have a dog, Bella, she’s 13 (born Feb ’04).
  7. Unlike the other 30-year olds with personal sites, I’m not a Mommy Blogger and more than likely won’t have the time to be when I actually do have a child.
  8. I’m too old to give a shit about pop-culture and I really hate movies and TV since nothing is even remotely original anymore
  9. I cook delicious meals on a regular basis, but I’m far from a chef.
  10. I’m addicted to coffee even though I’m convinced it’s not working anymore.
  11. I only own three pairs of shoes – Slippers, Sneakers and Work Shoes (from my former office days)
  12. I’m a mix of Italian, Irish, German and Polish. Even though almost all of those ethnicity’s include some heightened level of Alcohol, I hate the taste and don’t drink. The Italian side allows me to overfeed anyone in my house, but the Irish side stops me from getting any type of a tan on my legs.
  13. I only listen to Rock music, but am so unimpressed by today’s bands that I listen to more classic rock than anything. If my iPod were to ever die, I probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself as it is the only music I can tolerate.
  14. I would rather talk to someone on the phone than over a text message, but no one seems interested in answering their phones anymore due to the increase in stupid APPS to “connect” with people.
  15. I find #HASHTAGS obnoxious, even though I use them myself.
  16. I have O.C.D., but not to the degree that I’ll wind up on MTV’s “True Life”. It’s limited to the part of my brain that believes nothing is ever clean enough.

If you actually want to know more, there’s numerous years worth of archives to go through, and you can contact me through email. What’s email? It’s that thing that you use to sign up for all of your social media sites… who knew it could be used for… wait for it – correspondence!!