So, Optimum/Cablevision was having an offer where if you sign up for some triple play package you’re given an iPod touch as a ‘thank you’.  So of course we added a new phone service to the house which will actually cost us less being as the phone is an additional $20 a month and the land-line we previously had in the house was about $85 a month.  Anyway – it arrived a few days ago and I’ve been messing around with it ever since.  I’ve got more than enough apps loaded to it and considering I can add all kinds of VOICE based apps it could essentially be like having an iPhone being as bluetooth and voice are enabled on the new iPod touch’s.  

So since I plan on using it for all of my random internet BS, especially at work considering we’re restricted from doing just about everything I’ve overloaded it with just about every free app under the sun.  I’m keeping my 80GB iPod classic specifically for music, and I’ll keep the touch for pictures and apps.  Then I’ll just stick with my Voyager until its time for an upgrade.  I may wind up “upgrading” to the LG En-V Touch because I really do like having the flip/touch combination.  I would ultimately enjoy having a DROID but I don’t know how much money that would cost me considering I’d have to tack on a data plan.  For now I’m content with my massive amount of text/pix/flix hah.

So a huge band of weather blew through here over the course of the past few days and I was at my aunts house while my aunt and father were down in Atlantic City for a couple of days.  I didn’t check the basement until around midnight last night and saw that it was pretty much a complete flood zone.  I wish I didn’t spend all day on Saturday in and out of conciousness or I would have been down there sucking everything up before it got to be too bad.  However, I did spend over an hour attempting to clear it out and the water was just pouring in so there was no point in even attempting it.  A LOT of rain fell over the course of the past few days.  I know that Bayville is a complete flood zone and they lost power.  I also know that Locust Valley and Glen Cove lost power in a few spots and Long Island ( and the tri-state area) as a whole are just water logged right now.  Thank god it wasn’t snow, that’s really all I can say.  I absolutely freaking hate snow and knowing that it was just a lot of water, which is already starting to go away, it just makes me happy.  I can deal with a puddle, I hate going through 3 feet of snow every morning when I’m trying to get to my car.

I had a job offer this past week, unfortunately with my schedule at work there was no way of my going to the interview so I’m pretty sure I can say that my current job is now screwing me out of OTHER positions.  If they would allow us to freaking hire someone as a replacement to ANY of the 15 people we’ve lost since January 1st I probably would have been able to go so I can get myself into a better position but I’ll just have to wait until the next opportunity pops up.  It’s upsetting, everyone else can seem to just get up and go but I manage to be stuck there somehow – I just don’t get it.

In any event, it’s a little after 3:30 and I should probably get some grocery shopping done.  Or at least ANYTHING showing that I have some kind of a productive streak in me.

OH! I setup the mobile blog plugin so that I can actually view my site on the numerous internet ready toys that I have.  It looks really good and I highly recommend the plugin to just about everyone with a wordpress blog.  With the rise in internet ready phones/gadgets it’d just be a smart idea to set it up. It’s called the WordPress Mobile Edition. Highly recommended to EVERYONE.


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