• Freezing rain and 27*F, yea that makes sense... I only had the Air Conditioning on this morning...,

Surprise…. surprise…

We didn’t close yesterday, shocking I know. We were advised at the closing table that documentation was missing from one of the co-signers and then it turned into a mad dash to get everyone on the phone.  We had to make sure paperwork was notarized, and they wanted a copy …more →

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Figured it would go that way…

As predicted, yesterday was a crap shoot.  While the house itself was primarily empty, there were still a few bits and pieces that needed to be removed. It was fine, but they had two freaking weeks to do it – what was the hold up?  The house itself is FILTHY, …more →

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We’re almost there!!

It’s been a constant up and down, and I know I’ve bitched about it quite a bit but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We’re closing on Wednesday 3/12 at 4pm.  I’m excited, but not to the point where I’m jumping up and down.  I’m so …more →

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What do you want now… my first born?

Sean and I have decided that once everything is finalized with this sale, we’ll never be purchasing another home. The process for buying a home is the most time consuming, stress inducing, bull shit situation I’ve ever been in. So many people, for the longest time, were just handed mortgages …more →

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Move quicker damn it!

We’re still at the mercy of the bank.  We’ve had to add a second co-signer to the loan because the first one (while well qualified) pays rent so they then needed to re-crunch the numbers.  The issue now is the fact that they sent all of this to us on …more →

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The waiting game…

We got all of our paperwork sent out, and surprisingly it showed up on their desks much earlier than we thought it would. The package was two day shipping, it made it there in less than 24 hours. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much but when you’re dealing with a …more →

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In the home stretch!

We’re making strides on the “Home Ownership” front.  We’re set on our final sale price, we’re mailing a huge packet containing all information over to our broker, and, per our contract, we’re set to close on Feb 28th, 2014. I’m super excited, I’ve been on a bookmarking rampage for everything …more →

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Productive as shit…

My sleep schedule has been completely messed up. I’ve been waking up between 7pm and 8pm consecutively for the past week. Being under the weather didn’t really help the situation but there was really nothing I could do about it.  Last night, however, for some reason I completely passed out …more →

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