An aging pup…

The past week has been a complete and total shit-show. On top of a few family members having heart issues, Bella is now having them as well. On Tuesday I accidentally kicked her and she cried in a way that I’d never heard before. Immediately after she peed in the carpet in the living room and had a bowel movement while she was laying down hiding in the corner. She …more →

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Note: Grab a bottle of vodka and count the fucks, cause girlies on a rampage today.
I know I haven’t posted in a while, and frankly I don’t care – I have a life and a job and that’s where my focus is… so, oh fucking well.  Why am I posting now? Because I’m beyond fucking pissed the fuck off.
Bella’s veterinarian has decided that they will not provide me with a written prescription …more →

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Remodeling… Redecorating.. Medicating?

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic.  We’ve started some big projects in the house that have, in turn, verified a few suspicions.
Our kitchen was pretty closed off from the rest of the world.  Even though there’s an addition on the house, nothing was really done to help with the flow (and lighting) for the original house.  So, after determining that the wall that was bugging me the most …more →

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Online Dating: Forced or Fabulous?

An old friend of mine posted on Facebook noting that she felt online relationships were forced and not necessarily a way to meet the person you’re going to spend either a few good months with or even the rest of your life.  I went to comment my thoughts, both agreeing and disagreeing, but she removed the post before I could hit submit. :booo: … but thanks to good old copy …more →

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Dear Karma, Thank you for being a bitch!

Before Sean and I bought this house we were under contract for another one that turned out to be an absolutely horrible overpriced piece of crap that would have made for a great bon fire.
The owners were very insistent that they couldn’t come down AT ALL in price. It was cheaper than the house we’re currently in, but it was also a much smaller house. What the house lacked in …more →

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I can’t believe it’s been a year…

As I sit here with my third cup of coffee and my feet planted comfortably on the ottoman, it dawned on me that Sean and I have been homeowners for a year.  This time last year I was working on cleaning the house to remove all instances of funk left by the previous owners. The carpets were disgusting, the bathrooms made me cringe and the amount of dust and mildew on …more →

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Wrapping my head around it….

The last year on Bella has been pretty rough.  We bought a house, so not only did she have a new floor plan (and two-level living) to get accustomed to, but she also had a new neighborhood to get used to as well.  Anytime she got into the car it was either a 10 minute ride to Sean’s mom’s house or a 4.5 hour drive up to NY to visit …more →

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Life gets in the way…

I’ve been trying to sit down and write for a while now but being overly bombarded with deadlines is taking it’s toll on me.  I’ve had a few major sites that I’ve been keeping tabs on, and pulling 16+ hour days on to keep on top of things. Most recently was disappointed after an 18 hour run to only find that the deadline was missed.  I was so ticked off, …more →

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Catching up…

It’s getting harder and harder for me to focus lately, and I have no idea why.  I’ve been semi-OK about keeping things on the up and up around the house, I’m meeting the deadlines that are set for work, but for some reason actually getting the drive to start/finish necessary projects is just not an option.  I feel like the closer I get to 30, the more I lose my …more →

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Rollin’… rollin’… rollin’…

Quick note: I’m not a hoarder, this is what moving looks like. This is also a graphics heavy post.
In the deep recess of my mind I will always have the “I need to sit down and get this done” mentality. The reality of that, however, it just doesn’t freaking happen. I’ve deleted five posts that were sitting in drafts over the course of the past few months. I’m to a …more →

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Downside to Delaware

If there’s one thing in the world that I’ve grown accustomed to over the years, is a sense of urgency when referencing ANYTHING in the medical/dental fields.  Moving to Delaware has really been an eye opener to me. The area I live in certainly lives up to the nickname of “LOWER SLOWER Delaware”.  After all of the idiots I’ve met in the Medical fields down here while accompanying Karen on …more →

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Productive procrastination?

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been actively attempting to complete a blog post for the last week. This is where my life has pretty much gone in the shitter. I’ve sat down and started writing this particular entry probably 15 times, and still have yet to complete it. So my goal for the next 20 minutes is to complete a thought and hopefully be able to hit the “Publish” …more →

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Going Green – Scott Jones, Ace Parking

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Overnight Reputation. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that I'm a homeowner, I've been trying to come up with ways to not only decrease my monthly outflow of cash, but increase my green footprint through proper recycling and being even more mindful than before as to what I'm putting down the drain to avoid any bad clog-ups in the …more →

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What happened to the Internet?

I had every intent of jumping in the car and heading out to Wal-mart to get some stuff for the house, but unfortunately Mother Nature has decided to open the skies and increase the volume.  So since I’m stuck on the couch until the storm passes, I figured I’d take a few minutes to finally blog.  It also doesn’t help that Bella is terrified of thunder storms, and if you …more →

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We’re getting there…

I’ve wanted to actually sit down and post for well over a month and a half, but the joy of homeownership when the place is constantly a wreck tends to take the priority.  So, since it’s been so long, I now don’t even know where to start.
If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you’d know that we did actually close on the house and get the keys, it …more →

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